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company's lines of business


Brink is english virsion.


Service,Gratitude,and Employee Satisfaction. Our company was established in 1927,in Aioi City,Hyogo Prefecture, by my grandfather,Masayuki Yamamoto.
We really appreciate all the customers and manufacturers in helping us reach our 86rd New Year together.
Human survival has been a constant challenge for all of history.
Can we continue to survive?
In our situation,the question is whether or not each worker can be useful for society,in all areas ,and make a constant effort every day.
Each of our workers makes a determination to accumulate fortune in order to survive in this world.
Our business policy is to appreciate our daily work ,to work hard,and to serve.
However,many of our workers are young. With me at the head of the list,
we are a gathering of people in a growth process.
We will do our best. Therefore, I hope that you will continue to support us as in past years.

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